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Black Panther, Wakanda Forever

This article contains major spoilers surrounding the film.

The new Black Panther movie premiered after much anticipation. The film starts with the funeral of King T'Challa, it is a very emotional scene for both the characters and actors. Chadwick Boseman (King T’Challa) passed away in August of 2020 during the beginning stages of the filming, at 43 years old. Chadwick was a great loss to this film and the world. Throughout the movie, the whole cast was very emotional due to this loss and you could see this in the film through their acting. The directors had to rewrite the movie and this delayed the release.

After the Black Panther is not there to prevent the world from getting to the vibranium. Vibranium is a fictional metal appearing in American comic books and the Marvel films, noted for its extraordinary abilities to absorb, store, and release large amounts of kinetic energy. Vibranium is very dangerous because if used correctly it can be 10 times more destructive than any military power, this creates huge problems because if all countries become privy to vibranium there will be more violence and war threats. The Queen (T’Challa’s mother) and the Wakandian army composed of women had to step up to the plate and protect the vibranium. During a meeting with representatives from other countries, the Queen states that she is not letting the world access vibranium because she is afraid of what the human race would do with that kind of power. However, the U.S government found a scientist that could make a vibranium tracer, which turned out to work and, because of that,it became very dangerous. The US government found the vibranium, but were attacked by Namor and his tribe. Unfortunately, the Wakadians were blamed for this attack. Namor is the leader of another civilization that also obtained vibranium but from the ocean, they are descended from the Aztecs and Namor wants to take over the world.

Soon, Shuri the Princess of Wakanda became aware that there was another tribe that also had vibranium. Namor asks Shuri for help to take over the world but she refuses. Namor does not agree with her answer so he attacks the capital of Wakanda and kills many of the population and the Queen of Wakanda is drowned to death by Namor. Shuri has to take control and protect Wakanda ,the good people of the earth, and the teenage scientist that created the vibranium tracer. Shuri scientifically makes the Herb that transforms anyone into the Black Panther that deserves to be the Black Panther, she takes the herb and becomes the hero , but under the gaze of vengeance and deep sadness caused by her brother and mothers’ deaths. She fights Namor and almost kills him, blinded by the pain he has caused her, but she doesn't follow through because she knows that her family would not want her to act out of vengeance.

The movie shows how Shuris morals are more important than her vengeance and need to avenge her family with violence. Instead she avenged them by saving wakanda and the earth because she listened to her morals.

Overall, this movie was spectacular, the plot was amazing and the acting was powerful. I believe Marvel did an amazing job with this movie. Rest In peace, Chadwick Boseman.

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