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Chapel vs Nations: electrifying dispute

In the wake of another futsal match, Chapel and Nations prepared to face one another. The teams looked determined since they had both practiced hard and came from great campaigns in previous tournaments. 

Both coaches and the crowd took it as their responsibility to keep their players motivated. Those watching made up cheers and songs for their preferred teams. 14 minutes into the game, Nation's Enzo Wayne (4) scored, making the crowd go crazy and the score reached 0-1.

Feeding on the high spirits that arose after the goal, a mere one minute later  João Henrique (8) followed,  making the score 0-2 favorably to Nations. The crowd started singing joyfully, encouraging the team even more. Gabriel Amaral (9) scored after that, taking the score to 0-3. Santiago Rosaz (6) scored as well, giving the Nations a comfortable advantage at  0-4 by the end of the first half.

At the beginning of the second half, Joaquim Lawalho (13) got hurt and was switched with João Henrique (8). Lucas de Salles (4) scored Chapel's first score which caught the fans by surprise. But that switch was quickly suppressed: Nations scored again making it 1-5. Lucas de Salles scored again for Chapel, making the score 2-5. Due to Penalty Lucas (4) scored yet another goal, making the score  3-5. Then time ended and the Nations won.

The teams congratulated each other after an intense game.

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