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Christmas movies review

We are almost in December, that is, the most famous holiday of the year: Christmas!

Most people like to spend the Christmas holidays in bed watching the best movies with hot chocolate and snacks. So today, I’m here with reviews for the best Christmas movies for you to watch!

Home Alone (1990) :

Home Alone is a 90s movie that has maintained its popularity throughout the decades due to its engaging story and audience-catching climax. The movie, as the title indicates, is about a kid named Kevin who was left alone on Christmas Eve by his parents, since the family was too big and they couldn't keep track of everyone when leaving for vacation. Kevin spent the movie trying to overcome challenges while alone on his journey,and what first seemed like a Christmas wish come true - to be home alone - turned into a nightmare. I love this movie because it is not only a cliché movie about Christmas, but also shows Kevin's challenges throughout his journey alone. Everyone can also watch this movie, regardless of age, so it is appropriate to watch with your family during Christmas. The movie is available to watch on Disney Plus.

Grinch (2018) :

Grinch is a traditional Christmas movie known by people of all generations. This movie tells a story about a guy that hates Christmas and wants to stop it and steal the kid's presents.

The Grinch is a lonely creature that lives in a village called Whoville, who started hating the holiday when he was small. Since then, he had been trying to stop it from happening and make the other kids hate it, but his perspective of Christmas changes when he meets a young girl. Throughout the movie, we can see that the story is not involved with Santa, as it is usually the case, but with the guy that hates Santa and his point of view. I like this movie for showing another perspective on Christmas and innovating in the perspective of the story. This film is also appropriate for all ages, and you can watch it to enjoy your Christmas with your favorite people. The movie is available to watch on Netflix.

The Princess Switch (2018) :

Princess Switch is a romantic comedy that is well-known for its story throughout the entire trilogy. The film is about a duchess that wants to live everyday life as an ordinary girl, who finds a baker that looks exactly like her and is up to changing places for a while. Throughout the movie, we see them living completely different lives than they are used to, but both love the experience and fitting into their "new lives." This movie is a classic cliché film where we see both girls falling in love with people from their other lives. Although it is not a creative movie and keeps following the same track as every other romantic movie, it is fun and enjoyable for all ages. The movie is available to watch on Netflix.

Elf (2003) :

Elf is a comedy from the early 2000s where we can see some family content and the basic Christmas story. The film tells a story of a guy named Buddy, who is carried with the elves when still a toddler to the North pole and raised as an elf. Buddy always thought he didn’t fit in with all his friends, and when he discovered that he was not an elf but a human, he went to New York City to find his birth father and try to live with him. When he finds him, we can see all the trouble that will arise in their relationship and with Buddy trying to have a new life as an ordinary human. I love this movie with all my heart; I think the actor they chose to play Buddy was the best because he kept us laughing the whole movie, which made it great. It also carries the Christmas spirit throughout the entire film. The movie is available to watch on HBO Max.

Miracle on the 34th Street (1947) :

Miracle on the 34th Street is a 1947 classic dramatic comedy known by generations for its story. The movie tells a story of a guy substituting "Santa" for Thanksgiving at a store. After demonstrating his abilities as Santa, he is hired more times to play that part. However, after all those jobs, he starts to embody the character, leading to a court case to determine his authenticity and mental health, and, consequently, to the movie's conflicts. This classic tells a realistic story about Christmas without magical elements . Although it is not a very funny comedy, it has the Christmas spirit and leaves you believing in Santa after watching it. The movie is available to watch on Prime Video.

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