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Collecting Victories - Girls’ Soccer, EABH v. St. Paul’s

With everyone freezing due to the cold weather, the last soccer game of the night (28/09) was between the Lady Hawks and St. Paul's Lions. The game was very balanced in the beginning, with the attack and defense of both teams matching each other in skills and grit. The Lady Hawks had to deal with a last-minute change, however, since the starting line-up was slightly different this time: Marcela Borlido (4) had twisted her foot in an earlier game today and could not play; Julia Ribeiro (18) entered in her place.

Despite the balance and the unexpected change, Marina Cambria (10) scored a beautiful goal not long after the beginning of the first half (1x0). With the team's energy flourishing, Laura Calixto (99) scored a goal shortly after Marina's, but it was off-side, and therefore the score did not change.

The second half started off well, with the Lions shooting a free-kick and our goalkeeper gracefully catching the ball. This was the only time in the entire game in which St. Paul's had an attempted goal; in response, the Lady Hawks' quickly strengthened their defense. The game continued, and, after a couple of minutes, Helena Dias (88) kicked the ball into our own goal, but a player from the opposing team’s hand touched the ball inside the goal, which benefited the Hawks. Gabriela Carvalho (9) soon went for another beautiful shot, thus leaving the placard at 2x0. To finish with a banger, Gabriela Carvalho shot a free-kick and sent the ball toward Laura Calixto, who scored another goal for EABH and ended the game with 3x0 for the Lady Hawks. The team now has another victory on their list -- and one that demonstrates their ability to brilliantly adapt to the weather and unforeseen circumstances alike.

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