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Community Action Club Soccer Fundraiser: a win for the Peladeiros

The second day of the Community Action Club soccer tournament began filled with emotion and an agonizing penalties dispute. Under the scolding heat of the midday sSun, Goats FC and Peladeiros faced off, with Jakob Timmerman (G10) as referee. As soon as Timmerman declared the start of the match, both teams enthusiastically began the fight for a goal--and, ultimately, victory.

Mere two minutes into the game, Goats FC player Lockz (G10) scored, leaving stunned the players and the audience, which was starting to gather on the field. Both teams were quick to recover, and five minutes later, Peladeiros player Tiago Loures (G11) attempted a shot, which Goats FC goalkeeper Massi Vicintin (G9) successfully saved; however, the ball did not leave the goal area, and Pedro Mourão (G11) used that opportunity to balance the score. When the clock marked seven minutes of play, therefore, both teams had scored and continued attempting to gain an advantage.

Minutes followed of balanced ball possession. Both teams attempted to score again, unsuccessfully; Peladeiros’ Pedro Mourão and Goats FC’s Luigi (G8) shot to the goal, but the ball did not go in on either occasion. The crowd had been gradually building but not yet quite as active as observed on the first day; there was a nice moment, nevertheless, when it united to cheer on Goats FC player Bertrand Donato (G12). Mr. Daniel’s performance was also worth noticing, as a center back for the Goats FC: beyond playing well, it is evident that the football coach's spirit never quite left him since he tried to advise his team and guide plays throughout the whole match. Despite both teams’ best efforts, Timmerman called time without any other goals, meaning that, with the scoreboard reading 1-1, it was time for penalties.

All of those watching the game, now a considerable crowd standing in groups around the field, surrounded the goal area where penalties were to take place. The first penalty was attempted by Peladeiros goalkeeper Joshua (G11), and it was a goal. In the next kick, Goats FC player PL (G10) attempted to score on Joshua, however, the goalkeeper was able to defend the shot in the middle of the goal and opened the dispute with an advantage for Peladeiros. Both Massi and Joshua were able to defend the next penalties, attempted by Tiago and Lockz respectively. Pedro Mourão ended this unusual streak of saves by scoring in favor of the Peladeiros; this success was brief, however, since the players missed their penalty in the next two penalties, with Goats FC’s Rafael Tinti (G9) shot being saved by Joshua and Peladeiros’s Mathieu Lesage (G11) shot hitting the crossbar. After Luigi scored, the Peladeiros were only one penalty away from winning the game, and the player chosen to take the game winning shot was Matheus Cali (G11). Despite Massi’s best efforts, this penalty was not defensible: once the ball hit the net, the crowd surged to celebrate with Peladeiros players, as they collected a win.

With this unique penalty dispute, therefore, the first game of the day concluded, leaving a taste for what is to come. All teams still stand a shot, and are expected to continue on, fighting as passionately as they have been today for a place on the podium.

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