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  • Thuptim Appleton and Luisa Rodarte

Day 1 Highlights - ISSL 23

Despite today having been a travel day and barely any sports were played, EABH tends to keep things interesting, even off-field. As commonly known, the bus ride to ISSL is one of EABH’s most coveted traditions and always a core memory for those onboard. This year, athletes and staff spent their bus ride in various ways: sleeping, playing games, watching movies, and, most of all, singing. EABH students brought speakers that blasted music ranging from sad love ballads to Brazilian funk. At one point, there were not one but two speakers, playing different songs simultaneously. Almost immediately after getting off the bus at NR, EABH students attended practice, a testament to their deep dedication to the sports and to representing the school with pride. The opening ceremony was delayed by a staggering hour and thirty minutes, but our Hawks kept their spirits high and were excited nonetheless. While waiting for the opening ceremony to begin, EABH students found frogs at NR and participated in competitive football matches. The opening ceremony only began at 8:30 PM and St. Paul's arrived in the middle of it, causing people to murmur. To read more about the event, click here.

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