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  • Manuela El-Bacha

EAB vs Nations: The Bulls Crush Their Opponents

The match between the Nations and EAB girl's futsal team was one of the most thrilling of the day. Less than 10 minutes into the game, 2 balls were kicked with such strength that they went over the protective net and reached the stands. Both teams were attackers, constantly pressuring each other. 

The match's opening goal was emotional for the EAB Bulls, scored by Maria Clara Maia (10). However, Nations still had a chance to even out the match. Shortly after, Beatriz Almeida (11) made a wonderful pass, causing EAB's goalkeeper to fall and score a goal. 

The match continued and the tie contributed to a more tense environment. Bulls coach Renan Vogel got frustrated with the development of the game and shouted "Focus!" while poking his head. 

EAB's player Isabela de Souza (11) was substituted by Isabel MontPaz (8). Shortly after, Lila Dawes (18) scored the second goal for the Bulls. Now, the score sat at 2-1 and the EABrs on the bench could not be any more excited with the result; they would sing and shout while banging their feet on the ground, all vibrating for what appeared to be a win. 

The game was dominated by attacks, with constant balls being thrown toward the goal, but no new kicks could make the ball go beyond the crossbar and hit the net. Considered to be Nation's highlight player, Beatriz Almeida, made a free kick from the midcourt but ended up hitting the post. 

The scoreboard was soon amplified by EAB who changed the numbers from 2-1 to 3-1, with a beautiful low shot into the left corner while running past the goal.

Every save by Nations made by number 37 was accompanied by chants of "Ceci Murada" from the Nation's boys' team. 

In the second half of the match, EAB's number 18 collided with an opponent and hit her head on the ground. After medical staff attended her, it appeared she had decided to finish the game on the bench; however, she returned to the court moments later. Nations player Maria (19) scored, narrowing the gap to 3-2, and the boys' team celebrated wildly.

In a final dramatic moment, EAB's goalkeeper fell and lightly hit her head while trying to grab the ball. She continued playing, but despite their efforts, the game ended with a 3-2 victory for the Bulls.

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