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EABH delegates sweep the TBSRJ MUN's award ceremony

The TBSRJ MUN award ceremony took place this Friday, September 17th, and, even though EABH couldn't be present at the event, the delegates were able to watch it through a live stream on the school's Youtube channel at the airport.

Excitement and anticipation were at an all-time high while awards were being introduced, but it is no surprise that our EABH delegates did phenomenally well.

In the Security Council, the award for best speaker was given to Thuptim Appleton, who represented the delegation of China. The chair of her committee commended her deep knowledge and understanding of not only her country, but other countries in the council as well. She also mentioned how the delegate consistently presented solutions and defended her position fiercely.

The next award won by the EABH delegates was a verbal commendation to the delegation of Italy, represented by both Tatiana Chen and Vitor Szuster in the Historical Security Council.

Following, the most prestigious honor one can win in a committee, the Best Delegate Award, was given to Isa Taranto and Isabela Camargos, who were representing the delegation of the U.K. The chair stated that the delegates submitted one of the best position papers she's ever read. Additionally, she complimented how well constructed and passionate all of their speeches and responses were.

The Best Speaker Award was given to another EABH delegate, Lucrezia Rima, representing Justinian I. The chair highlighted her consistent participation in the debate and how well she defended her position.

Daniel Mauriel, who represented the delegation of China in the Junior Security Council, also won Best Delegate. His frequent contributions to the debate and relevant arguments were acknowledged and contributed to his achievement.

Last, but certainly not least is Isabella Zayers, who represented the goddess Artemis and also won Best Delegate. According to the chairs, Zayers brought value to the debate as she kept it moving forward. She was also very participative and always asked relevant questions to the other delegates.

It is no surprise that EABH conquered many prizes in the TBSRJ MUN's awards ceremony. With remarkable speeches, constant participation, and meaningful questions, our EABH delegates deserved every bit of recognition they received.

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Ruby Appleton
Ruby Appleton
Sep 18, 2023


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