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EABH Halloween Party 2023

This Saturday, October 28th, EABH celebrated Halloween with several exciting attractions. 

The decorations were an improvement from last years'; with random "heads" on the walls, black, purple and orange balloons everywhere, it was a mixture of creepy and cute.

The ceremony also counted with a trick-or-treat in the Wood House and Bloco 1. The trick-or-treating in Bloco 1 started with a game that required catching candy (although it is okay if you didn’t catch any like me). The candy price was two "pipoca doces". The following classroom required counting how many of the objects were in the jar. The one who got close was awarded one head clip or color stamps and two candies; however, if you got it right, you would be awarded the two items and two candies. The next game was bowling and, even if you lost, you would still get 5 candies. The following was one of my personal favorites: Mrs. Deborah asked us questions about Halloween and if you answered 2 out of the 3 correctly, you got her treasure and 3 candies (I got them right finally). 

In the next class, you had to sort the skeleton bones to make a skeleton and, if you did it, you you would get 3 candies. My second favorite game was a maze with plot twists that you had to cross. You had to hold an egg on one "hand" and try to make it not fall down (I was able to pass it!). Last but not least, was tossing rings towards the witch hat. If you were able to throw the ring inside the hat,  you got one candy; if you were able to throw it inside the second cone, you got two candies (I surprisingly did it).

Everyone's costumes were awesome and unique in their own way, showing us the real meaning of Halloween. The winning costume for Upper School was Isadora in 6th grade, who came dressed as Little Red Riding Hood mixed with a wolf (which left me shocked), and the Lower School winner was Laura Wanderley as the Tinman from Wizard of Oz.

There was another Maze which I found fun -- it was dark and full of jump scares.

The music was also extremely fitting, it was energetic, spooky and made you want to dance to hit songs. There was a spooky version of the ABCs in the Maze that was actually good.

The served snacks were tasty and varied, ranging from  donuts to popcorn, french fries, burgers, pizza, popsicles, coke and many others.

All in all, with exciting activities, delicious food, and incredible costumes, this years’ Halloween is one to be remembered. 

Happy Halloween!

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