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  • Bruna Rice

EABH Pi Day was a Total Success: A  Delightful and Unforgettable Experience for Everyone Involved   

The winners of the annual EABH Pi Day competition, hosted by NHS and Math League, were announced after all thirty-eight student competitors displayed incredible memorization ability...

Pi Day Intermission

The reunion that revealed the Pi Day winners, for both the student and teacher groups,  happened today,  March 14th, internationally known as Pi Day because the first three digits of Pi are 3.14, which translates to the current date.  

The ceremony began at 1 PM  right beside the Hawks’ Nest. Almost all EABH students were aware of the Pi Day winner reveal, and many students were there to watch even though they had not participated. Although some students who memorized a certain number of digits correctly had received their prizes before the big reveal, not all of them had received their prizes at the start of lunch (at twelve-twenty-five PM) and thus had to wait until the beginning of the event. . When the event began, speculation among the crowd was at its all-time high with everyone questioning who would be the winner and whether or not the school record of an incredible amount of two hundred and sixty-five digits (memorized by former student Julie Gougeil) would be broken.

The winners of the Pi Day contest

When the Pi Day closing ceremony started, spectators gathered around the competitors and started to film videos and cheer while the competitors ran and gathered in a line so that Ms. Strickland, one of the teachers coordinating the competition, could reveal the winner.. The Pi Day winner reveal began with all thirty-eight student competitors standing beside each other. Ms. Strickland began proclaiming a number of digits; if the participants had recited that many digits correctly, they would step forward, and if not, they had to take a step back. Slowly, competitors stopped stepping forward,  until only  Luisa Gaspar (6th grade) and Giovanna Heringer (7th grade) were left in the line-up. In that exciting moment, Ms. Strickland announced that Giovanna had not only won the Pi Day contest but established a new school record by reciting an astounding 303 digits of Pi correctly! After a moment of celebration for the student, Ms. Strickland announced that the winner of the teachers’ category was Mr. Borozan, who had memorized an equally impressive 301 digits of Pi in total.

Who did the winners pie in the face?

As is tradition, the winning student and teacher were allowed to pie someone of their choice in the face; a student would pie a teacher and a teacher would pie a student. The only student who broke the record was Giovanna Heringer, and she chose to pie Mr. Ben, a science teacher..  Immediately after she spread a feast of whipped cream in his face, and then it was Mr. Borozan’s turn: he chose  Massi Vicintin (9th grade).  Overall, it was a busy and exciting day for the school community! We wish good luck to the competitors next year, who will have to surpass an incredible new record.

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