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  • Helena Rocholi

EABH's Pie a Senior 2024

This Thursday (April 8th) was the annual Pie the Senior at EABH. The Senior class hosts the event every year to raise money for their graduation party. 

Each pie was about 10 reais, 8 if you paid prior to attending, and you could pie all seniors as many times as you liked, until the pies were over. This year there were about 12 whole cans of whipped cream, but unfortunately, there were more tickets sold than pies guaranteed.   

On the lawn the event was hosted on, many of the seniors were wearing swimming glasses to protect themselves and some had their lenses blur out and couldn't see for about 15 min. All of them had whipped cream hair masks, because pies are not only splattered on  their faces, but mostly on their clothes and hair too. 

This has been a EABH tradition for more than years, always a very fun way to show school spirit and to raise money. Withthag, Pie a Senior is always making memorable moments with the class. 

Tips for next year: use swimming glasses, to save your sight from going white and buy more whipped cream; There are plenty of people to pie various times!

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