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  • Laís Taranto

EABH v. Nations: the Cougars chase the Hawks

April 5th, 6:00 pm

The second EABH female futsal game against Nations occurred on April 5th at 6 PM. This was the their second game of the day and it started very intensively. The Nation's team immediately took control of the ball and advanced toward the Hawk’s goal, but before they could reach it, Marina (10) stole the ball and quickly counterattacked. Unfortunately, however, she ran out of place and lost the ball.

Both teams continue to advance to the opposition's goal, but with no success. That was until Anna Pulga (05) was able to steal the ball and cross the court, passing it to Laura Calixto (99), who attempts a goal but sadly misses it. Meanwhile, the crowd continues loud, with the entire EABH doing their best to encourage the Lady Hawks. The girls from Nations get increasingly aggressive. When they were finally able to attempt a goal, Annie (02) beautifully catches it. 

The Nation girls continue attempting an attack, which Annie is initially able to block, but they eventually recover the ball and score a goal. Soon after, the Cougars tried to score another goal, but they weren’t able to go through the Lady Hawk’s defense. Marina then took control of the ball and moved towards the goal; however, before she had a chance of attempting it, she got fouled in a dispute for the ball. Coach Cláudio substituted her with Carol Bonato (14), who immediately charges at the goal, but sadly loses the ball on her way there. 

Coach Cláudio asks for a timeout and walks the girls through strategies for the very few minutes left of the game’s first time. The girls walk back to the court with confidence and Marina returns to the game. They attempt to attack but there is a lot of pressure from the Cougars. With that, the first half of the game ended at 0 - 1. 

The second half of the game started heated, and the Nations quickly make their way into the Hawks's goal. Luckily, Annie skillfully blocked it and the game continued. Gabi Carvalho (09) got very close to scoring a goal but the Cougars were able to defend against it. They stole the ball and tried to move towards the goal, but Pulga stopped their attack with an impressive head bump. However, the Cougars took control of the ball again and moved towards the goal until Laura Calixto blocked their attack. The Lady Haws, now in control of the ball, make an attempt at a goal, but the Cougars counterattack, and Annie impressively catches the ball yet again. 

Laura Calixto tried for a goal and unfortunately misses. The Cougars advance and, despite Annie initially being able to impede their goal, they were able to regain control of the ball and score. The game sat at 0 - 2 and the Cougars tried to score one more time, which Gabi Carvalho was thankfully able to block. The ball then went to Laura Calixto, who attempted a goal and nearly scored it. The Cougars were becoming more and more aggressive, and the atmosphere was getting increasingly tense as the game was close to reaching its end. The Lady Hawks tried to move towards the goal once more before time ran out, but the Cougars’ defense was strong and the game ended at 0 - 2.

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