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EABH vs Formal Rivals, OLM - Boys Futsal - 03/31

At 8:00 AM, the EABH boys played an intense futsal match against Our Lady of Mercy’s Lancers, a team that was previously involved in a feud with the Hawks. The game was tied at 0 - 0 for most of the match which felt never ending with countless hits near the goal. Having kept their momentum consistent, the Hawks did not face defeat in despair, but instead fulfillment for the proximity they both had to win.

Lucas Chen (2) defended each ball that came his way which allowed them to not get scored on easily. Cauã Magalhães (10) dribbled the ball across the entire court which left the entire EABH crowd on the edge of their seats. The chances of scoring were so close for both teams with strong defense and goalkeepers, that the first half ended with no points being made, but both teams were ready to score in the next.

The Lancers had an overruling crowd with loud cheers filling the room bringing them to score on the Hawks 2 times until João Quintão (8) managed to squeeze a goal in the last 3 minutes of the game. Persisting, Eduardo Calixto (92) kicked the ball across the court nearly scoring a tie point in the final 4 seconds of the game which had the entire audience on edge. The intensity of the second half gave off the impression that it was short, however being a fast-paced and intense sport, the game was incredibly passionate.

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