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EABH vs ISC: Do wildcats prey on hawks?

The Lady Hawks were defending their champion title, as they received gold at ISSL, against the International School of Curitiba. Many former Hawks came to watch the games, but the crowd was surprisingly empty as 77 middle schoolers were gone for the Friendship Festival. Sadly, Brunna Gontijo, one of EABH’s star players, was also unable to make it to Nationals.

The first set began on the right foot for EABH as both the players and the crowd were amped up for the game. Their teamwork shone through, along with star-studded performances from seniors Annie Santos (12) and Marcela Borlido (5). Together, their offense garnered many points for EABH (18x15). However, freshman starter Summer Lusear injured herself while diving for a ball and was taken off the court by her coach and mom, Ms. Jill (19x15). The set ended with the Lady Hawks on top after ISC messed up on a bump (1x0).

While winning the first set was amazing, EABH’s performance faltered as the Wildcats took a formidable lead early within the set (5x9). However, Carol Okano and Carol Bonato were able to turn this around and gain numerous points for the Lady Hawks (9x9). The set continued to be neck and neck, but with the referees calling balls out that were actually in, and ISC’s amazing defense, they won the second set (1x1).

ISC had the unique ability to boost the Hawk’s confidence and show their abilities simultaneously. EABH’s offense, especially Marcela and Annie’s relentless spikes, persisted, but ISC’s defense was stupendous (10x10). The Lady Hawk’s team chemistry shined throughout as they worked together seamlessly (15x10). By the end of the third set, the Hawks had another win within their hands (2x1).

So far, the game had proven itself to be an endless tug-of-war as the set was neck and neck throughout (3x4 and 10x11). Annie and Marcela proved themselves as standout players yet again but were not enough against ISC’s defensive stronghold (10x14). Despite more Lady Hawk attempts to penetrate the Wildcat’s defense, some successful, ISC won the round (2x2).

Unlike other sets, the final one is only up to fifteen points. This means that the Hawks would have to be efficient in the face of a smaller number. ISC’s strong defense persisted as they could take hold of the game very early on (2x8). However, after EABH swapped sides on the court, the Lady Hawks’ performance improved overall. Whether this be from the crowd screaming, or if the right side of the court is luckier, is inconclusive, but the results do not lie (6x8). EABH's teamwork was a focal point of the match as it was made clear that the girls enjoyed playing with each other, with a positive aura always present. Unfortunately, this was not enough to batter down ISC’s top-tier defense and, even with powerful attacks from Lydia Pfile (13), Marcela Borlido, and Annie Santos, it was not enough to win (8x15).

The game concluded with EABH spirits low, but it does not mean that the Hawks do not have a chance on the podium as the battle for third place against EARJ will define that. Go Lady Hawks and good luck!

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