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  • Manuela El-Bacha

EAC vs British: An Intense Dispute For Goals

The match between EAC and British boy's futsal teams could be easily defined in one word: goals. At the end of the game, the players made a combined total of 13 goals!

The British team opened the scoring with an incredible goal from midfield by their number 10, leaving the goalkeeper Assis (99) unable to save it. Less than 4 minutes later, the British extended the scoreboard, making it 2-0. 

EAC's number 8 tried to score and narrow the gap of 2-0, but the ball did not meet the net. In a hilarious moment, British's number 10, who had scored not long ago, lost his show and ran half of the court without it, drawing laughs from those who were so attentively watching the match. 

British continued their strikes with another goal, extending the scoreboard gap between both teams. The not-expected fourth goal was scored by number 17, who celebrated it with a dance along with his teammates. 

EAC decided it was time to take action and, with the assist from number 49, the ball was set up for number 8's goal. But this moment did not last long. British quickly responded with a goal from number 2. 

The crowd was tense. People were quietly staring at players, with some hoping for a great plot twist and others praying for the score to remain the same, or for the score gap to grow even more. But there was a sudden moment of laughter amid the pressure due to a lost volleyball. The ball appeared out of nowhere in the futsal court, and Tiago Loures, better known as Chips, invaded the area to retrieve the ball and give it back to the volleyball players. 

The goals kept coming as Britain's number 9 made the ball find the net, followed by a seventh goal. EAC showed resilience and scored their second and third goal in a short amount of time. But the British appeared unstoppable, adding not only their eighth, not only their ninth but their tenth goal!

The match ended with an ardent environment and an outstanding scoreboard for Britain's team, with a win of 10-3. After being interviewed, Eduardo, from British's boy team, showed confidence for the finals. Let's see how well they will do and if their 10 goals will become a trend. 

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