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Eyes on the Prize - Girl's Soccer EABH v. Nations

A heavy mood lingered over the field when the Lady Hawks were about to start their first soccer game of the season. The boys’ soccer team had just lost to Nations and the girls were about to play against the same school. Not long after the first whistle blew from the referee, Marina Cambraia (10) fell, halting the game for a few seconds. But the mood and the fall did not hinder our Lady Hawks: the girls were playing very well, and the ball almost went into the goal several times in the very first minutes. It was after only nine minutes of the match that Gabriela Carvalho (9) inaugurated the placard by scoring a beautiful free kick from the middle of the field (1x0). Laura Calixto (99) was then substituted by Helena Dias (88) after being called by coach Sandro, who warmly hugged her and exchanged a few comforting words before sending her back to the field. With that, the first half concluded with the Lady Hawks ahead.

The second half of the game started well, with Marina Cambraia scoring, soon followed by Anna Flavia Escobar (5) making another wonderful goal -- both only in the first eight minutes. Excitement was rushing through the girls and they accidentally kicked the ball into the Nations' goalie's face, stopping the game once again. One of the strongest players in the defense line, Marcela Borlido (4), jumped and severely twisted her ankle, momentarily halting the game for the last time; she was eventually carried out to the nurse's office by an ambulance. 

Despite the Lady Hawks’ worry about the well-being of their teammate, the game continued, and the crowd was even louder than before; the boys in the audience had started to perform their funny and catchy chants. With the cheer transmitting positive energy, Anna Flavia Escobar made another goal, leading the team to the win at 4x0. Though this was not necessarily a revenge match, the Lady Hawks enjoyed such a glorious victory over the team that took first place from them last ISSL. 

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