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Farewell to Our 23/24 Editors in Chief

After The Daily Hawk received its biggest gift in May 2023, it approaches the end of an era full of accomplishments. Luiza Ribeiro and Isabela Camargos, current seniors, served as The Daily Hawk’s Editors in Chief. It was exactly the synthesis of their endless talents, capabilities, and love for the club that allowed it to truly flourish under their leadership.

As stated by the club advisor, Mr. Guilherme Galvão, Luiza and Isabella have “too much self-esteem.” Despite the sarcastic tone to such statement, his overall purpose is always to show that this characteristic has shown as positive, as their legacy in the club portrays how they are a perfect synthesis of their dominance for humanities and STEM areas. It could be stated that their enthusiasm is most evident in Among the contributions they’ve made to the club, are the engaging workshops (always presented in pink slideshows) and breakthrough new projects such as the first ever Printed Issue and a special Holidays issue. These projects were joined by improved on-site coverage with professional photography and exquisite articles, an improved version of Senior interviews, and writing competitions that fostered argumentative and creative writing at the school. 

There is no doubt that their dedication to the club was fruitful, but they will be truly missed for their smiles and joy while leading meetings. As they approach the start of beautiful careers at Northwestern and Stanford universities, “Lu” and “Bibi” invite you to get to know a bit more about their legacy in detail by reading articles of their Last Issue on The Daily Hawk’s Website.

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