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Fashion Week Predictions and New York Fashion Week 

Fashion Week is around the corner. The event starts on February 9, 2024 (with New York being the first location) and ends on October 10. So here are predictions about this year’s fashion week. 


Tuxedos and suits: Many fashion shows usually have suits along with exquisite details. 

Comfort: When you are working at home or watching TV, comfort is a number one goal and a new trend in a lot of fashion runways. So if you like being trendy but want to feel comfy, this is the right trend to follow for you. 

Gen Z’s adaptation of Y2K fashion: One of the biggest fashion trends has been inspired by Y2K looks like abundant use of denim, low-waisted jeans, crop tops, baggy pants, etc.

Retro Fashion: Yes, it is something that you would find in your grandma’s closet, but this 90s-inspired classy look will dominate 2024 fashion.

Bold colors: What is a fashion show without bold colors? Many people are predicting that most looks will be mismatched, with funky patterns, etc. Add commentary!

Accessories: One thing is accessories can never go out of fashion; even if a person is just wearing sunglasses or a necklace.

Relaxed male fits: In the past men would usually wear the tightest skinny jeans, but these days it might have changed. Brands like Dior have been making more comfortable outfits for men like in Dior Men in fall 2022. 

White dresses: Wearing white dresses this season has been a trend because, in the summer of 2023, it was a huge hit.

Short Shorts: These days a lot of catwalks include mini shorts, a look seen done by Gucci, Chanel, Alexander McQueen, etc.  

Polo outfits: Brands like Prada and Miu Miu have brought back polo styles from mini skirts to men's board shorts, so don’t be shocked when you see polo shirts on the runway.

Transparent fabrics: A big trend in fashion has been transparent outfits that have shown up in Givenchy, Carven, Louis Vuitton, etc. Add commentary!!

Quiet luxury: You might even not look that fancy but you 

Bows: Bows have been a big trend, especially on social media platforms, especially in aesthetics like couchette core, ballet core, etc

What to Wear 

The cowgirl looks: When Beyonce announced her new country album, it was a sign to the world to wear boots, leather, and cowgirl hats.

Denim: Denim made a comeback and I bet it will continue trending for a long time. You can still rock the denim look for jackets, shirts, skirts, or pants.

Long coats: Long coats have been a huge trend mostly in street fashion which would also look cute paired with a tote bag.

Layers: Layers have never gone out of style. People have layered coats, pantsuits, and white dresses.

Leather jackets, harness coats, pantsuits, white dresses.

Week 1 New York Summary

For the first week Beyonce, Queen Latifa, Julia Fox, Ashley Biden, Ella Emhoff, Jodie Turner-Smith, Sam Smith, and Becky G attended the NYFW. The event took us back to 1900 with tweed coats, varsity jackets, cashmere long dresses, and bulky scarves along with a lot of dark clothes.

Pink: The Barbiecore trend was predominant, especially after the release of the live-action Barbie movie, so it was no surprise we saw a lot of pink.

Business outfits: A trend that was most trending during 2020 inspired by the 1950s and 1980s.

Faux coats: What is the point of buying real fur if you can just buy faux fur? Fluffy faux coats are making a comeback. Faux coats are both comfy and stylish, and they are much better for the environment! 


The next show will happen in London starting on February 16 and ending on February 20.

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