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Final Four Season II - Opening Ceremony Hosted by EABH

On May 18th at 8:15 AM, the opening ceremony celebrated the beginning of Nationals. The event contained music, cheerleaders, and more. For some athletes, this was their last time participating in High-School Nationals, for others, it was their first time, so EABH made sure to make it special for everyone and to include and motivate every team, such as adding the UK flag to represent the British schools.

Mr. Sandro, the head of the sports department, started by introducing this season's participating schools:  The American School of  Brasilia (EAB), The American School of Campinas (EAC), the American School of Rio de Janeiro (EARJ) Chapel School, São Paulo's Graded, The International School of Curitiba (ISC),  Our Lady Of Mercy (OLM) School of Nations, St Paul's School, The British School of Rio de Janeiro, and our American School of Belo Horizonte with their Mascot, Hawky the Hawk. After all the teams paraded with their flags, the EABH cheerleaders were introduced.  They circled the teams, full of spirit, and sang the Brazilian, United States, and United Kingdom's National Anthem. Mr. Jaison, EABH's head of clubs and sports affairs, eagerly introduced all team captains and then showed our guests around campus. Following, Mr. Sandro introduced the cheerleaders who showed off their skills. The ceremony marked the beginning of an undoubtedly memorable Final Four season for our Lady Hawks and the entire EABH community. Good luck to all the teams!

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