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  • Alice Del Bianco

Gelast Sceal Mid Are: NEHS Induction 23/24

 On the 23rd of may, NEHS had its induction ceremony, to honor its officers and members. And no, I am not writing about the National Elementary Honor Society, as some may be thinking, but the National English Honor Society, which is dedicated to, according to Advisor Mr. Greg, "promote mastery of written expression, encourage worthwhile reading, and foster fellowship among students who excel in English studies." It is quite a new experience to our school, and the first chapter of its kind in Brazil. Some of their projects that students might remember include the Banned Books presentation and the Shake vs Swift competition, in which, in celebration of Shakespeare's birthday, participants had to guess whether a quote was attributed to Taylor Swift or William Shakespeare.

  After a few words from the advisor, the officers, Vitor Szuster, Arthur Mello, Lucrezia Rima, and Gabriela Molinari were welcomed to the stage and received their certificates as the leaders of the Clarice Lispector NEHS chapter, and uttered a few words of wisdom reflecting their aspirations for the future and sharing their joy of literature. Vítor, the National English Honor Society treasurer, said: "as members of Brazil's first and only National English Honor Society, we are ambassadors of literature's power and beauty". 

   Soon, it was time to address the club members. The induction ceremony for the new members started with a speech from both Mr, Greg and the club president, Gabriela. Then, each individual was given a white rose, which symbolizes transformation and truth, values that the club wishes to represent. Finishing words from the advisor concluded the ceremony, with the final quote Gelast sceal mid are, which is old English for "Duty goes with Honor."

 And so it does indeed

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