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Graded vs OLM: The Lancers Duel Against The Eagles

One of the toughest battles in the Nation's tournament occurred this Sunday between Graded and OLM boys' volleyball teams. Both the Eagles and the Lancers had equally talented teams, so the game was decided in a matter of details. However, OLM had a big disadvantage. Their MVP at ISSL, Arthur (3), was injured and was out of the tournament, only watching the games from the bench. 

In the first set, OLM and Graded battled it out in a very contested match. The ball kept swinging from one side to the other, but eventually, one of the teams hit the ball straight to the floor or relied on their opponent to miss. Nevertheless, OLM took the upper hand when Graded started losing its attention, opening the scoreboard to a point and ultimately winning the set.

The second set was completely different. The Graded Eagles were determined to win now more than ever. Serafini (16), Graded’s player who is around 195 centimeters tall, was a beast and kept swinging each ball straight to the floor. OLM started losing their energy, allowing Graded to have a huge point advantage throughout the entire set, making them win by an outstanding 21 - 12.

In the third set, however, Graded did not maintain their momentum and OLM took the lead. The set was very competitive and Graded’s coach kept yelling at his players, especially at one of their setters (they play in a 4-2 formation with two setters), for not lowering themselves to defend the other team’s attack. Graded started committing some mistakes while OLM swiftly defended every ball that came their way. OLM opened the scoreboard and Graded was unable to catch up with them. 

The last set of the game was the most competitive one of all. The Eagles did not come to EABH to lose and gave everything they had in themselves to win. Nevertheless, the Lancers had acquired incredible momentum in the previous set and were hitting and defending like never before. The team did not seem to miss their ISSL MVP as they were playing excellent volleyball. Powerful hits were zooming from one side to the other, and eventually, the game became tied 20 - 20 -- if a team opened two points on the scoreboard they would win. Both OLM and Graded were fierce and playing for their lives, but OLM took the lead. In the next point, OLM served to the other side and Graded’s best player Serafini (16) overhit the ball, making it go to the far corner of EABH's hangar. After his miss, Serafini fell to the ground in sadness at losing the Final Four Tournament. The OLM Lancers pierced their sword through the heart of the Graded Eagles!

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