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Hawks Never Back Down - EABH v. PASB Girls soccer

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

The game commenced with a heavy mood as the EABH Hawks had just lost their previous soccer game against the PASB Panthers and the sunlight hitting the grass was nearly blinding. The Hawks had great defense which would become a mainstay throughout the entire match -- especially with Julia Barros’ (1) goalkeeping skills. Other key defenders include Gabriela Carvalho (9) and Mariana Lana (13), who were able to defend the goal with all of their power. What EABH needed, however, was someone to help pierce PASB’s defense, and Marina Cambraia (10) provided exactly that, being on point with her attacks. While the Hawk’s offense was not ideal, their perfect defense made up for it, as Julia Barros continued to be an amazing goalkeeper. The first half ended right back to where they started, 0x0.

The PASB boy soccer players started chanting nonstop for around five minutes during a takeoff, but, luckily, the cheering did not stop Julia Barros from catching the ball. This shut the PASB audience immediately and the cheering subsided. Julia Barros and Gabriela Carvalho made a perfect duo and were able to stop over 10 goals from the Panthers. The Hawks were consistently playing well throughout the whole game but what they really needed was at least one goal before the whistle blew. There were attempts such as the high-kick from Carolina Bonato (14) and Laura Calixto’s tireless offense, but what finally put a point up on the placard was Carol Okano’s (77) first goal. The Lady Hawks were filled with happiness when this happened, and everyone ran to group hug her, accidentally pushing her down in the process.

There were other notable moments within the game such as a quadruple head bump and Laura almost making a goal; but, no one could get the eighth grader’s goal off of their mind. As the game concluded, the Lady Hawks started chanting Carol Okano’s name, making it clear who was the MVP for this match

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