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  • Gabriela Muzzi

How cell phones are trapping people in a cycle of time.

Tiktok, Instagram, and Youtube are currently one of the most popular apps in the world because of the entertainment they provide: they allow users to watch content they enjoy from anywhere they’d like, interact with other users, and see what friends are doing. The consequences that can result from this, however, are more dangerous than one might think. When in social media, people are oftenly concentrated on a video that they don't notice time passing by and continue scrolling because the content never ends. This creates a cycle in which people get stuck: they just keep watching, consequently wasting time out of their life that could’ve been used for healthier and more productive activities.


Because of the luring effect of social media, people get trapped on their phones which, in turn, lead to negative consequences. We can have a cycle of time lost in endless scrolling and long videos. Unfortunately, according to the website Psicólogo e terapia, social media is the cause of depression, anxiety, hyperactivity, and lack of affection. In fact, even Stevens Jobs, the creator of Apple, did not let his kids spend a lot of time on technology.

Moreover, this cycle of time can sometimes lead people to lose their confidence. According to psychologist from Grupo de Dependências Tecnológicas of IPq - Instituto de Psiquiatria in Brazil, Sylvia Van Enck, people who have an addiction to social media lose their self-esteem because they constantly see the good moments in other people's lives. They start wishing to be the people they follow and, in turn, despising their own life, not even considering that everyone has problems and it is not one moment that will define if they are perfect or not. Additionally, this unhealthy use of social media can be damaging to real life relationships as they may spark jealousy, insecurities, and distancing from each other. As a result, with no talking happening, it could be difficult to feel the same love and affection towards each other.

This means that people’s addiction to their phone could make them lose a lot of time, health, and relationships. People know what is happening, they just don't show it: that is why it is important to open people’s eyes to what is happening to them, especially teenagers, all over the world. Fortunately, however, this is preventable.


However, social media, like all things, has many positive aspects too. One of them is the free access to content that may be interesting to a user. These new interests can open doors for a lot of opportunities. For example, when an adult is trying to facilitate or promote a job on social media, the internet can make it easier because people will be able to sell to everyone online (depending on the business), communicate easier with colleagues (through, for example, calls), and organize work and personal life so they don’t mix up.

Communication is a significant aspect of social media because of one’s ability to meet and reunite with individuals. For example, if someone is living far away and it is hard to meet them, an easier way to keep contact is by using social media to keep their relationship from being strained or forgotten.

Using social media can help many people learn how to express themselves and their ideas, feel free to post abilities that they might be too scared to show in real life, and express opinions of events that happen in the world; without anyone looking or judging them, they can talk freely. This means that social media can open doors for a lot of new things in the world but, by doing so, they have to close others that are good for the population. Therefore, it is pivotal to understand the nuances of social media: even though it can have negative qualities, there are positive ones as well.


Now, with the disadvantages of social media being addressed, how can the population get better? By using tips to reduce the time spent online, the addiction to it can be reduced.

Firstly, do not use a phone while eating because this can affect chewing and, consequently, digestion too. Putting the phone down is also good as it fosters interaction with others that are eating.

In a relationship, it is important to spend time together, talk, or maybe do fun activities like going to dinner or the cinema. This is important so that the people in a relationship do not lose the love and kindness for their partner, which could ruin their relationship.

Determining time limits for a phone prevents one from getting too stuck with it and excessively texting as it deactivates the notifications and stops people from wanting to look at it just to see if there is new information.

Don’t use phones inside the bathroom because they are full of germs and bacterias, even after they are cleaned. Additionally, by using a phone inside the bathroom, people stay seated for too long which can make them susceptible to contract diseases like diarrhea.

Furthermore, the phone's light can affect sleep hormones, resulting in many sleeping issues; notifications should be deactivated so that, while sleeping, people aren't woken up by these notifications. This means that if people are focused and regulate their time on their phone, they can reduce their time on social media. This is important so that everyone can escape this cycle of time spent on the internet and avoid having any mental issues that can affect your whole life.

The cycle of time spent on social media is real and this addiction can lead people to lose time out of their lives that could be spent with family, friends, or in other healthier activities. This topic is important so that people can learn the ramifications of social media addiction and how harmful it can be to relationships and mental health. In sum, the population needs to unite and focus on goals to end addiction to technology so that individuals can live a more productive and healthier life. Social media has its pros and cons; while it can add new fun and good things to people's lives, it can also harm them mentally, hurt relationships, and minimize the time one spends in their real life. However, if everyone focuses and works together, this issue is solvable and can help many people balance their digital and real lives so that this world can be better for all.

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