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  • Bruna Rice

Human Rights Council: What was addressed in the Human Rights Committee on the second day of the Minas MUN event at EABH

Find out what were the discussions, resolutions and topics addressed in the second day of the Minas MUN conference. 

Delegate of Amnesty:

During the speakers list, three EABH students took over the floor. The first to speak was Isabela Zayers from 8th grade representing the delegate of Amnesty International. Isabela Zayres had asked the delegate of Japan, who was currently at the podium, what they had already done to decrease modern slavery or to help strengthen human rights. She also proposed a possible successful solution for the reduction of modern slavery.  

Later on, Isabela Zayers went up to the podium and shared her speech introducing three topics regarding the human rights issue. She claimed that victims from modern slavery don’t usually recognize when they are victims. Second, Zayers talked about the percentage of people who are victims of this issue. Lastly, she stated some of the consequences of modern slavery. 

Delegate of Sudan:

Daniel Mauriel, also from 8th grade, represented the delegate of Sudan. He was very active throughout the debates and, similar to the other EABH delegates, participated in most discussions. When the delegate of Japan went to the podium, Daniel Mauriel asked him two questions: what would they do with the finances they received from other countries and why would they propose the solution for asking financial assistance from other countries if he had already stated that previously.

When Daniel Mauriel went up to the podium, he first discussed the different types of human trafficking, medical bills, and labor, and then explained why these matters infringe human rights.

Delegate of the United Kingdom:

Representing the delegation of the United Kingdom, Wilson Molinari, also from 8th grade, vowed for the importance of countries uniting and helping each other combat human trafficking and modern slavery.

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