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  • Bruna Rice

Israel and Hamas War: Israel calls for ceasefire and will not bomb Gaza for approximately four days

Israel calls a temporary ceasefire and will not bomb Gaza in order to exchange prisoners and allow for humanitarian aid to access the region.

What is the current situation?

Recently Israel called a temporary ceasefire in Gaza, which caused a momentary truce from the war currently ongoing. During this period of time, one of the many problems of the situation has begun to be solved. Hamas, the terrorist group that has been kidnapping many people from Israel, returned twelve hostages back during this ceasefire time period. In return, Israel returned thirty Palestinians they had kidnapped back to the paramilitary organization. This ceasefire will last approximately four days in total. During this ceasefire Israel will not launch bombs into Palestine and Hamas will be expected to behave the same way; however, it is a tense time, since there is no guarantee that the temporary peace will hold.

Who was involved in this truce ?

There are many countries involved in the Israel and Hamas war, and each one has a reason to be involved. Many countries throughout this war have waved the flag for the side they are supporting in public spaces. In Brazil, for example, the Israel flag was projected in Christ the Redeemer all the way from Rio. Although there are many countries seeking to help end this war, Qatar has been helping Israel and Hamas to sort the conditions of the ceasefire, and how they are going to trade prisoners. Qatar has been a very reliable and important country in conducting diplomatic communication between Hamas and Israeli officials.

Why did Israel decide to call a ceasefire? Will it extend?

There is nothing confirmed but Hamas and Israel had allegedly agreed to call this ceasefire so they could exchange the prisoners that were kidnapped during the war. The truce began on Friday and, if there is no continuation of the ceasefire following the recently announced two day extension, the war will come back anytime around Tuesday.

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