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ISSL Closing Ceremony

To conclude a great season of the International Schools Sports League, all eight institutes playing at camp NR came together for the traditional closing ceremony. A brief video of the tournaments’ highlights was shown, filled with impressive, well-trained players from every school doing their best. The leadership team went on to congratulate staff members, organizers, and then announce the podiums and Most Valuable Player (MVP) of each school for every category.

Boys’ soccer’s podium had the PASPOA Huskies as third, PASB Panthers as second and Nations Cougars on top. The Hawks made seventh place in this category. Pedro Almeida (midfielder) was named MVP of the season, after an amazing performance on the field.

Girls’ soccer had the Panthers as third, followed by our Lady Hawks in second place and British Barra Falcons as first. Everyone sang along as the girls from EABH got their silver medals while “País do Futebol” was playing! They had a very impressive season. After wowing the audience with her endless determination, Gabriela Carvalho won MVP.

Boys’ basketball also had EABH Hawks on the second place of their podium. British URCA Falcons got third place and the Lions got first. The boys got their medals, which were more than earned after the incredible season they played. Lincoln Pfile, captain of the basketball team, was named MVP for his outstanding moves in all games.

Girls’ basketball had the Lady Hawks at the third place of their podium, British Barra Falcons at the second and Lions at the first. This meant EABH got their third medal of the season! The girls played really well and deserved to be on the podium. After a great show of motivation and perseverance, Marcela Borlido won MVP.

With three medals, two silver and one bronze, EABH goes home proud. The Hawks honored the school inside and outside the courts, proving their unity and respect. This truly was a beautiful ISSL season!

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