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ISSL: EABH's highlights, Best moments, and Throwbacks

As you know, a few weeks ago our athletes left for a volleyball and soccer tournament against other international schools, the International School Sports League at NR Acampamentos. It is a great experience to grow as an athlete, to bond with other students you don't normally interact with, and to have good fun with your friends while representing the school. This experience is a lot of fun and truly one of the best – although it is also very tiring and demanding once we have to play a lot of games everyday. But, even so, being there playing for our school and desiring to win the championship are enough of a 'fuel' to keep everyone on their feet and hyped about the games.

The ISSL is also a great opportunity to promote unity between the students and a sense of 'patriotism' to our school: because we are competing against the other schools, we mostly stay together as we are cheering for our school teams. If you are playing, you can hear the other athletes cheering for you and your teammates; if you aren't playing, you are screaming your heart out cheering for the athletes that are playing. Basically that means that there is mutual support inside our school team and appreciation for the athletes.

Overall, it is truly an amazing trip and everyone at school should try to join at least one sports team and dedicate themselves so they can go to ISSL. And since pictures are worth more than one thousand words, here is some footage of our best moments at ISSL so everyone can feel what it was like and be inspired by our school spirit.

Girls score 5x1 against OLM.

Girls win 3rd place for soccer.

Arthur Valias wins MVP for boys' soccer.

Marcela Borlido wins MVP for girls' volleyball.

Anna Pulga wins MVP for girls' soccer.

John Goepfert wins MVP for boys' volleyball.

Athletes dancing on stage.

Mr. Jaison wearing a hat backwards and orange sunglasses.


Best crowd with the best chants.

Volleyball girls doing a victory dance.

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