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Highlights from the First Day at ISSL (09/29)

The start of this season of the International Schools Sports League was a success for EABH! The very first game was outstanding: the boys’ varsity basketball team scored 38 points and defeated the Pan American School of Bahia (PASB), whose team scored only 15. The Hawks also won their second basketball game, against Our Lady of Mercy (OLM) by a close call of 43x39.

To add yet another positive note to EABH’s basketball accomplishments, the girls’ team also defeated OLM with a surprising, table-turning win of 22x12 after a tense game. To follow up, the Lady Hawks won with a final score of 25x05 against PASB.

Even though they played a good game, the girls’ varsity soccer team lost 0x2 to PASB. Their spirits, however, did not go down! They quickly got back on their feet and scored 5x0 against OLM, remembering their iconic 5x1 last season.

The greatest highlight of the day, however, was EABH’s crowd! With their traditional chants, motivational signs, and cheers, the athletes proved that they can do more than just play ball and outshined all other schools, providing the players with unconditional support. In the long run, the trust of their colleagues is the fuel that keeps the mighty hawks flying high!

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