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ISSL Season 2 Has Oficially Started!

The Second Season of ISSL 2022-23 is on! The opening ceremony happened this Wednesday (03/29), and EABH, PASB, PASPOA, EAR, Nations, Saint Paul's, and the British Schools were present.

The event began with a moment of appreciation for the effort put in by the coaches and Athletics Directors (ADs). Each of the participating schools competed for the loudest cheer for their faculty. Immediately after all of the screaming and celebrating, the hosts played a promotional video of the tournament with images of previous editions. Once again, whenever their schools were featured, students cheered as much as they could, especially when the video showed their teams scoring.

On a more serious note, the event administrators reiterated the new AASB code of conduct, which clearly supports diversity, identity, and equity in both cultural and ethnic terms. Evidently, the inclusion of this tolerance zero policy responds to some polemic events that unfolded during previous ISSLs.

Another announcement was that there will be a new award in this year’s edition of the competition. Schools will be awarded as a whole for their overall performance across all sports. Something similar happened at this year’s edition of BRAMUN, where the most awarded small and large school delegations received gavels.

Finally, the ceremony came to an end with some words encouraging sportsmanship and the ISSL union. The whole room commemorated the victory of Nation’s soccer team against Graded during the Nationals, and the ADs reminded all of the mutual support between the league members against other opponents.

Overall, there are high expectations for this edition of ISSL, especially because EABH is a favorite for volleyball. Tomorrow (03/30), The Daily Hawk’s coverage will begin with Girls’ Soccer at 8:00 AM against EAR.

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