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  • Gabriela Muzzi

It’s her first time in MUN but she's already shining in the conference

This Sunday, February 25th, was the last meeting for all the committees in the MinasMUN conference. In the Special committee, during the drafting of the resolutions, one of our EABH delegates showed fantastic arguments that surprised the other delegates and all of those present in the room. 

This delegate is Carol Bonato, representing Earl Warren, a white man defending the rights of black people in 1954. She was a great delegate, making fantastics speeches against racism. One of Carol Bonato's best statements was “This is not a free country, not a place to live and I'm disgusted by the nation's policy”.  

She also did a great job interrogating other delegates with her thoughtful questions. When Rufus P. claimed that a chaos would be created by putting the two races together, and that a white man would want to attack the black man beside him, Carol Bonato raised her placard and asked “Are you saying the white men are animals?”. She then backed this up by saying that “This separation is like separating animals in a zoo ''. 

Following, a crisis occurred! Isabela Camargos and Thuptim Appleton represented black people that wanted to murder every white person in the U.S.A as revenge, and they asked the delegates what they thought about this action. Carol Bonato tried to defend herself by saying she shouldn't be killed because she was trying to help black people gain their rights. 

Ergo, it's safe to say that Carol Bonato was very influential in the Special Committee! If she decides to officially be a part of MUN, she will make a fantastic delegate!

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