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  • Gabriela Muzzi

It's just the beginning of Minas MUN but it’s already catching fire!

This Friday, February 23rd, the first Committee session in the MinasMUN conference commenced, already generating complex and fervid debates. This event consists of three committees: Human Rights Council, Security Council, and the Special Committee. Our EABH delegates were separated throughout the councils and made a difference in every argument. 

In the Security Council, they discussed the Hamas x Israel war. To start, the chairs decided to do icebreakers, a way for the delegates to know about each other. Everyone said their name, age, school, unpopular opinion and fun fact! 

Then, the delegates presented their opening speeches, a way to share their country's point of view on the issue. Some delegates from other schools, because they didn't know the protocol of the debates in MUN, had many issues using personal pronouns. They could only talk about themselves as their country or the delegate of. Another protocol some weren't familiar with was that, when they finished their speech and the chairs sent them back to their chair, they had to say “Yield”. Meaning that the start of the session was really confusing for some delegates.

There were two distinct sides in this topic, so when one delegate shared their opinion on the matter, contradictory questions were made against their statement. This occurred the most when the delegation of Russia spoke. 

Second, in the Special committee, they will be discussing the events taking place in Brown v. Board of Education and Plessy v. Ferguson. As per usual, the chairs started off with icebreakers, having everyone share two truths and a lie about themselves.

Following, the delegates made their opening speeches. It's safe to say that our EABH delegates shined. Helena Peli did an excellent speech that strengthened her point of view; Isa Taranto not only made fantastic points in the discussion, but had a perfect statement; Carol Bonato quickly and confidently responded to one of the delegates: when MJ. Cunningham said “We are trying to change the future in many ways'', Carol Bonato stood up confidently and said “Why try to change in the future if we can change it now?” 

Last but not least, the Humans right committee will be mostly talking about slavery with women and human traffick. For their icebreakers, they presented their names and said one item they would bring to an island. 

After the delegates shared their opening speeches, they talked about the different aspects of the human rights topic. This part of the session had a lot of back and forth because of the multifaceted nature of the issue. Some were more against and others were more in favor of enslaved people who were suffering. 

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