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JV Program In EABH

EABH has been working on sports for over 50 years, nowadays school is mainly focused on 4 sports: Futsal, Volleyball, Soccer, and Basketball. When you reach 6th Grade you can join Junior Varsity, on 8th Grade you can do the tryout to join the varsity team, the Hawks.

JV’s program is focused on developing students' skills, so it doesn't matter if you have trouble practicing a sport. Each semester Junior Varsity focuses on 2 sports, and Varsity on the other 2. This semester JV is practicing Volleyball and Futsal.

You can practice every day except for weekends and Wednesdays, the practice lasts approximately 1 hour. There are 2 coaches, futsal coach Mr. Claudio, and volleyball coach Ms. Laura. We don't compete in any official competition, like ISSL, but in march of 2023, we will compete for a friendly tournament.

I play futsal and I recommend you to join, I can say that in these 2 months I and my friends and practice have made a lot of improvement. That is mainly everything about the Junior Varsity program, hope you enjoyed it!

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