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Lady Hawks are fourth place in volleyball after unfortunate Lancers victory

Immediately after their Futsal game, the Lady Hawks were charged with the responsibility of playing their volleyball finals at 9:45am, against the Our Lady of Mercy Lancers. Organized on a completely different rotation and lacking their captain, the girls played three intense sets — one of which they fell behind by only three points — and, unfortunately, ended up losing. The initial set was quite eventful; the very first serve of the game belonged to the Lady Hawks, but the point went to the Lancers. With a strong cheering audience, which included their own official cheerleading crew, OLM started the first set with a large advantage of 0x12. The Lady Hawks seemed demotivated for the majority of this set, barely able to touch the ball until they scored their first point at 1x17. As soon as they started serving, the girls improved tremendously and got more energetic, with the EABH cheer following. They scored 4x18, but the Lancers struck back with 5x20 and closed the set at 5x21. Even though the Lady Hawks did not win this set, they showed great development and managed to bounce back from their slow beginning.

The second set was undoubtedly the best of this match for the Lady Hawks. OLM scored first, but EABH quickly followed and made the scoreboard 4x1 — they were making a comeback. As Julia Ribeiro (3) was doing amazing with great serves and Julia Barros (17) was saving the team many points, EABH marked 6x4. A controversial point was given to OLM by the referee, though both the audience and our team disagreed, but the Lady Hawks scored immediately after, causing a commotion in the bleachers (a bola não mente, they sang). At 8x6, the girls were nervous and started underperforming, messing up their serves and moves, allowing the Lancers to flip the scoreboard; it became 11x14. After that, it was hard to recover: OLM was scoring aces and playing with greater fierceness. Annie Rezende (12) was carrying the end of this set, acing beautifully three times in a row, marking 18x20. As the cheering amongst both audiences rose in intensity, OLM scored their missing point and closed the set at 18x21. Losing by only three points, the Lady Hawks' performance for this set was amazing and outstood the previous one by plenty.

Following a great second set and starting off with a point by EABH, the third and final set did not have the expected outcome. Though the Lady Hawks played very persistently from the beginning, most specifically Mariana Lana (1) avoiding many points by the other team and Brunna Gontijo (16) serving very well, the Lancers took an advantage at 2x4 and used it to dominate the ball for a long time; as they could tell our girls were very good at serving, preventing them from doing so was a good strategy. The Lady Hawks became stressed with the game and with each other, and their next point was scored only at 3x12. After they took the ball, their performance improved, as expected, but the score reached by OLM was already too far up-front: our girls managed to score 6 points, but the Lancers already had 18 and were serving. The game was marked over at 6x21, meaning the Lady Hawks were positioned in fourth place for volleyball in total. Regardless of it not being the desired result, the girls' development throughout the tournament was inspiring and should be applauded.

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