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Lady Hawks Dominate Semi-Final - EABH v. British Urca Girls' Soccer

The soccer semi-final for the Lady Hawks was against the British School of Rio de Janeiro Urca. The sun was blazing and everyone was sweating, on the verge of a sunburn. The game was one of the most eventful so far as it remained interesting throughout the entire the match. Marcela Borlido (4) had been on standby since she was injured in the first game of the season, but was up and ready to play today. Laura Calixto (99) continue

d to be an amazing addition to the team and scored a goal in the first five minutes of the game. Not only was offense stupendous, but the defense was also on point: a joint effort between Mariana Lana (13), Helena Dias (88), Brunna Gontijo (24), and Marina Cambraia (10) successfully stopped the opposing team from scoring any goals at all. The placard only tipped more and more in the Lady Hawks' favor once both Helena and Laura scored (3x0). Other TBSRJ athletes cheered in the audience, but their noise was not able to help the team perform any better -- EABH team captain Anna Flávia Escobar (5) soon put another point on the placard (4x0). It is safe to say that EABH was amazing today in all areas. The first half promptly concluded with EABH’s victory already in sight.

As always, there was a halftime show during the soccer game. This time it was performed by EABH’s very own Joshua Durchfort and Pedro Mourão, who danced, performed tricks, and, most importantly, got mountains of shoes thrown at them. Eduardo Calixto also joined in the fun, trying to avoid as many hits as possible.

The second half began and EABH’s school spirit was at an all-time high. Chanting, singing, yelling were all normal background noises of this game; this enthusiasm amped up the Lady Hawks, who continued to prosper. Laura Calixto and Gabriela Carvalho (9) were the field’s strongest players today as Laura performed multiple fake-outs while Gabi scored goals from over 50 meters away. The Falcons didn’t know how to react and simply got exponentially aggressive. As the game ended with victory in hand, the EABH audience serenaded the Lady Hawks with Love Yourself yet again (this being the fourth time — ISSL tradition in the making). Once the game concluded -- with a placard that demonstrates the Lady Hawks' utter dominance --, the crowd raced to congratulate the team and everyone was beyond happy and prideful. It was truly an amazing semi-final for EABH; now, everyone looks forward to the final tomorrow. If the Lady Hawks maintain this level of excellence, who knows if a gold medal will come?

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