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Lady Hawks Dominate their First Volleyball Game - 03/30

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

The Lady Hawks volleyball game was the most consistent match so far, with great momentum and every player contributing to the prideful victory. There were enthusiastic cheers regardless of whose point it was, allowing the room to be filled with the best energy ISSL has seen so far this season.

The first set was dynamic and started off with Annie Santos (12) making the first point. Marcela Borlido (5) has hit the most spikes for EABH so far in this ISSL season, keeping the girls in the lead for the majority of the set. PASB Panthers tried to catch up and flip the game, but got tired and started hitting the balls outside the court; the audience started cheering more as the girls ensured their victory ten points ahead of the opposing team. Nearing the end of the set, with 23 points scored by the Lady Hawks, minor mistakes made allowed PASB to slightly regain their confidence. In the end, nevertheless, the girls won 25 - 20, a close call considering the change of energy near the end.

In the second half of the game, the girls were winning by twice the number of points throughout the entire set, leading the crowd to endlessly cheer for the Lady Hawks and giving the team more confidence for the approaching next game. Julia Barros (17) and Marcela Borlido (5) made incredible spikes straight into the Panther’s side and Sarah Del Prado (20) made an invincible block, all leading to a second victory of 12 - 25.

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