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Lady Hawks vs Falcons: EABH wins!

Today (12/03) at 8 AM, EABH went against British Barra in girls' soccer. The Falcons’ unnecessary violent and intense screaming kicked off the game; they were imitating a Falcon’s cry or something of the sort. It didn’t seem to work, though. Besides the ball being more in the Falcons' control at first, the Lady Hawks rapidly made their comeback, and the first half ended at 2x0. EABH scored twice between minutes 28 and 31; Gabriela Carvalho (9) was responsible for the first, and Laura Calixto (99) carried on the spirit and quickly made the second. Honorable mention to goalkeeper Bruna Gontijo, who guaranteed a positive score for EABH with three beautiful, difficult saves.

The second half of the match was less eventful: the girls were more focused on holding up their defense than attacking to maintain their lead. Anna Flávia Escobar (5) was dribbling the most impressive kicks and driving the Falcons crazy, as they could barely get any shots past her. British Barra girls were still very convinced of their abilities even though EABH had a 2-point advantage, making statements like “don’t worry, obviously we’re still going to win.” They were also rude and would not stop screaming -- ever. Ironically enough, they didn’t get a shot in the goal once; the score at the end of the match was still EABH 2 x 0 British.

Even though coach Sandro instructed the Lady Hawks not to play this game as a revenge rematch after British Barra beat them at ISSL (and were rude about it), the fact that the opponents were the Falcons made the girls even more thrilled with the final results. This score placed EABH in third place for the girls' soccer tournament, meaning they will all get bronze medals! After the game, the team came together with coaches Sandro and Daniel and celebrated the Hawks' way: excitingly, caringly, and respectfully. The girls’ performance on their last match here at Nationals must be applauded - they deserve to be on the podium!

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