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Men's Basketball: Nothing but Net! EABH Wins Against Nations

The Hawks have won yet another basketball game qualifying them for the semi-finals for this season of ISSL! Pedro Jorge (7) made the first point as well as multiple throughout the match simultaneous to Chase Mason (9), Mathieu Lesage (15), and Tiago Loures (5) having an outstanding performance. The first quarter began with a stunning 03 x 10 and climbed to a 11 x 23 when finishing the second. Edward Mason (12), Lucas Chen (11), and Eduardo Calixto (6) brought the game to a 18 x 31 in the third quarter then finishing it with a 24 x 41 as Aidan Van Cleef (8) made the final point with [a] nothing but net. As students from Nations were vividly chanting for their team, the Hawks crowd surpassed their support by cheering louder and prouder. EABH has a prideful team of star players with great team chemistry in and out of the court, setting us on the perfect track for the end of this season of ISSL.

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