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Men's Basketball: Hawks crush PASB in the First Game of the Season

Starting off on the right foot for EABH this season of ISSL, the EABH Boys Varsity team beat the Pan American School of Bahia (PASB), in a game of 15 x 38. During the 8 a.m. game, the first quarter left the audience stunned, leading with 10 points, followed by the second quarter more than doubling their points with 22, while PASB climbed to 2 points. Throughout the second half of the game, the Hawks progressed to 30 and 38 points as PASB climbed to 6 points then finished with a total of 15 points. Being the first game of the season, team captain Lincoln Pfile (3) says the team’s chemistry “clicked very well” with defense “[stepping] it up with lots of steals up top which led to several fast break layups”, and Eduardo Calixto (6) successfully making 2 and 3 pointers. The sequence of effective plays throughout the game put the team in the right direction for future matches, allowing all hawks to look forward to the future games to come!

For future updates, check out the EABH Lady Hawks’ soccer game against PASB.

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