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Men's Basketball: Hawks Take the Win Against Lancers

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

After a beautiful first dispute, the boys’ varsity basketball team had set a high bar for their upcoming game. The good news is, they lived up to it! The Hawks, yet again, showed the crowd their unity throughout all quarters of the game. This was the key factor to defeat OLM, whose players were very good individually and scored multiple three-pointers, but did not play in great harmony as a team. The first and second quarters were played in disadvantage until EABH reached a tie in the third one. The whole audience was on the edge of their seats, not having a clue of what the outcome of the game would be. The Hawks played amazing final minutes tied up by Pedro Jorge (7) scoring in the final seconds. In his 6 years playing basketball, Pedro had never been to ISSL and was today's highlight, alongside Lincoln Pfile (3) and Eduardo Calixto (6).

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