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Men's Basketball: We Are Through the Semifinals

The game in search of the finals for the men's basketball team was against British Urca. The game started badly for EABH, as Urca started out many points ahead of the Hawks. However, during the second half, EABH turned the score around by almost 20 points. The Hawks were very organized on the court and were communicating extremely well. They realized that they were in risk of losing and gave it their all. From that moment onward, EABH did not stop scoring. Although Urca's team was very strong, EABH was very well trained and carried the winning pattern for the basketball team. The final score was 45 x 31 for EABH! Therefore, the Hawks are officially qualified for the ISSL final! In addition to beating Urca by hand, they played like never before. The crowd was insane, all the EABH students and coaches were cheering for the Hawks to win. Although Urca fans tried to intimidate our players and fans by saying they would win in a comeback, the Hawks proved them wrong! Tomorrow they will play against St Paul's and the winning team will be the ISSL men’s champion in basketball. Go Hawks!

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