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Men's Futsal: EABH Faces an Opportunity for Team Development After Disqualification - 04/01

After EABH’s disqualification from Men’s Futsal, the Hawks have been focusing on allowing the volleyball players in the futsal team to rest before their great final. Hence, this game had several more backup players than usual -- including goalkeeper Joshua Durchfort (16).

The final game of the group phase was played against PASB, which couldn’t take a single goal; otherwise, they would be eliminated too due to tiebreaker rules.

In the first half, the Hawks had several attack opportunities, but most of them were lacking proper finalization, leading to no goals whatsoever. Team captain, João Vitor Quintão (8), even managed to get a precise shot, but it ended up hitting the bar. Fortunately, PASB did not manage to score early on since Joshua held up his defense against the attackers.

On the other hand, PASB came back in the second half with far more aggressive behavior, scoring twice. This behavior is best evidenced by a fault committed against Matheus Diniz (23), which led to the expulsion of one of PASB’s players who had received a yellow card previously. Although the Hawks weren't able to turn things around, they didn't go down on their own either. Diniz, from afar, scored a beautiful goal with a “trivela” kick into the top corner, eliminating PASB from the championship.

Even though we were not able to advance through the competition, ISSL offered a great opportunity for the younger Hawks to develop their skills against equally prepared players.

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