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Men's Futsal: The Hawks Finally Get a Win - 04/02

After losing the match for fifth place, the Hawks tried one last shot at futsal against British Barra. Of course, coach Claudio deserved a little taste of victory.

The first half looked great for EABH. Eduardo Calixto, João Vitor Quintão, and Cauã Magalhães (twice) brought the scoreboard to a 4 - 2. Moreover, one of Barra’s goals was particularly unfortunate since it went under our goalkeeper’s legs, but the Hawks still dominated the game and smelled a much-needed win.

In the second half of the match, Calixto started by scoring another one for EABH. When things seemed the safest for us, British began their comeback. After several failed defenses, the Cariocas managed to bring the match to a tie (5 - 5).

Even though the game was only worth seventh place in the league, the boys weren’t going back empty-handed. In the last minutes, Calixto scored his hat-trick and brought victory home, earning him the MVP award for EABH’s futsal.

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