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Men's Soccer: EABH Plays St. Paul's In One of the Most Spirited Games of the Season

Being one of the most energetic games this season, the EABH Boys’ soccer team played St. Paul’s despite the loss to 7 x 1. The Hawks had endless support from both our own crowd and PASBOA students watching the game cheering, singing and dancing, allowing the energy throughout to keep positive. The first half originally ended with 3 x 1 but finished with 7 x 1 as they persisted through the heavy rain and lack of players who were physically well. The boys had just gotten through multiple obstacles of physical exhaustion and pain from previous games, which although potentially slowed the team down, made them capable of giving almost every player of the team a chance to play. Our Hawks persist and endlessly put in their hardest, this game being a perfect representation of our spirit as a school!

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