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  • Gabriela Muzzi

Mixing Brazilian with American schools in MinasMUN!

This Sunday, February 25th, was, unfortunately, the last day of MinasMUN. This conference was really special because it not only had American schools, but Brazilian schools as well. 

The Security Council had many delegates from the Brazilian schools that have different procedures at their MUN. However, with the help of the chairs Lais Taranto and Tatiana Chen, they had a wonderful time and, by the end, were able to learn many procedures. Still, even with this confusion, the council did an excellent job during the debate and had great discussions.

Three delegates from Brazilian schools were interviewed to learn more about their experience in the conference so far. They said the most difficult part of this MUN were the different procedures, such as the personal pronouns issue mentioned previously. However, they said the best part of this event was the support they received from the chairs and delegates. Some said that the chairs did a great job at helping them make instructions and procedures easier to understand. Lara, representing the delegation of Iran stated “It was very easy to make an alliance even with a difficult country to defend”. This illustrates how, in Minas MUN, people were open to new friendships and to show kindness, especially the chairs. 

The delegates were also asked if they had any difficulties writing or talking in English. They all said how hard it was to ask a question or defend yourself during the meetings when you don't know what to say. Moreover, English isn't their first language so some pronunciation was really hard and made them scared of saying their speeches. Even though the transition for students from  Brazilian schools was difficult at first, in the end, they said that they got the hang of it and it was flowing more. 

In conclusion, the students from Brazilian schools had a hard time at first, but did a great job overall.

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