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Nations vs Graded: The Eagles hunt their prey

The Nations vs. Graded girls’ futsal game began well-balanced this Sunday, May 19th. It was expected that the game would be fierce, perhaps even leading to a tie due to both teams having similar excellent levels. 

In the first half, Nations’ Nicole (10) scored with a penalty kick. A mere one minute later, however, Graded's Beatriz (11) drove the ball into the net favorably for her team. Nation's advantage was quickly caught up to by Graded, therefore, taking the scoreboard to 1-1 and leaving fans watching shocked at the quick succession of events. 

 In the second period, Catalina (12) scored, followed by Beatriz (11). From then, Graded was on fire:  Nicole (10) made the score 3-5, then Valentina (9) surprised all the fans and scored. This was followed by Nicole (10) and Catalina (12) scoring once more. Though Nations was losing hope, they remained fiercely engaged in the match. In the final minute, Nicole (10) scored yet again —  making the official score 9-3.

After Graded’s sharp loss to the Lady Hawks at EARJ,  the crowd did not expect such a triumph from them. Nonetheless, they came back stronger than ever! 

Nations players said they were happy with the result regardless: it was the last high school game for Nicole (10), so they made it special. 

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