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NBA Finals: The Underdogs Fight for the Championship

June 1, 2023, will be the date; June 1, 2023, will be when the NBA final will start. All playoff games in the NBA happen in a best-of-7 format, meaning that the first team to reach 4 wins advances to the next stage. Today, May 28, the NBA is still in the Conference Finals, or the semi-finals stage. The Denver Nuggets have already swept the Lakers, led by Lebron James, in a 4-0 series. The team commanded by the Serbian giant Nikola Jokic is already waiting for the winner in the Miami Heat x Boston Celtics series. Both the Heat and Celtics have won 3 games and on May 29 they will play the final game in their series to decide who will go to the NBA finals. If the Boston Celtics win this game 7, it will be the first time in the NBA’s 77-year history that a team turns a series that was previously lost by 3 - 0.

The Denver Nuggets are led by Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray. Nikola Jokic is unanimously considered one of the top 3 best players in the NBA. His nickname is Joker, widely because of his ability to do anything on the court. Jokic has insane playmaking skills and thus has a very easy time finding his teammates free on the court. Not only this but he is a very good shooter and can get a lot of rebounds with his immense size of 2.08 meters. Murray is also a very important player for the Nuggets. He has extremely good ball-handling skills and has a very good shot on him; besides this Murray is also known to rise when it matters the most and play the best level of basketball when his team needs him the most. The Denver Nuggets are in the Finals for a reason and hopefully, for the fans, might win the first Larry O’Brien Trophy (NBA trophy) in the franchise's history.

The Miami Heat came as underdogs to the playoffs since they finished in 8th place on their side of the conference. The team surpassed most expectations and beat probably the favorite team to win the NBA trophy, the Milwaukee Bucks. Led by Jimmy Butler, known for his clutch playoff performances, the Miami Heat are giving an extremely hard time for the Boston Celtics, who are struggling to pass through the team and advance to the finals. The Celtics are led by the young stars Jayson Tatum and Jalen Brown. The team has a very good mixture between rookies and veterans and is known as a team that has extremely good players in all positions. The Celtics' current generation of talent is considered extremely promising, but they keep losing either at the Conference Finals or at the Finals itself; NBA fans can’t help but wonder if the team is going to fumble again at the finish line or if this generation is finally going to take the Larry O’Brien trophy in which they have almost acquired so many times.

The NBA Finals are almost here! Who will win the series and take home the Larry O’Brien trophy? Watch the games either at Amazon Prime, TNT, or ESPN from June 1 to hopefully June 18 (if there is a Game 7). The world will be watching, and you shouldn’t be one of the people going to miss it.

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