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OLM Throws a Cheerleading Spectacle

The Old Lady of Mercy (OLM) has brought their entire cheerleading team to ISSL and their presence has been a confusing topic ever since their arrival, constantly causing people to wonder the motive for them to be here. The team consists of 24 girls, including 15 middle schoolers. The main reason for them to be present was, in fact, to perform a long-rehearsed routine today at 13:45. The show, however, did not start at the time it was scheduled, resulting in a crowd of teenagers being made to wait for 21 minutes sitting on the ground. As the start of the games was scheduled for 14:20, the time became conflicting for many athletes and a big part of the audience was gone before the presentation had even started. The production was beautiful, bathing the hall in gold and yellow lights (OLM colors), and the routine was well rehearsed, even if the mashup they danced too was a mix of 2005-2015 songs that unironically included “Baby” by Justin Bieber. The girls are surprisingly stretchy and balanced, and quite talented!

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