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Opening Ceremony: All the Details About MinasMun's Opening Ceremony

On February 23rd, 2024, the MinasMUN conference, hosted by EABH, commenced with a fantastic opening ceremony.

The speakers roles and their summarized speeches:

The Opening Ceremony was incredible and unforgettable, starting off with an amazing speaker: Isabela Camargos, the event’s Chief Operations Officer (COO). In her speech, she expressed how happy and grateful she was to see so many people participating in this amazing event. Isabela talked about this conference's potential to change people's lives and the world. She also mentioned how important it was for people to participate in their respective committees. The COO ended her speech congratulating the delegates and introducing the event's special guest speaker Catarina Chen. 

Catarina Chen covered many different topics, but the main one was love. At first, many people were confused as to why she decided to include the topic of love into her speech since she was previously talking about her future job and why it relates to diplomacy --- one of MUN’s main themes. After Catarina finished her speech, she gave roses to everyone present. Everyone felt so loved and special and Catarina Chen left to allow the next speaker to come up.

The next speaker was Thuptim Appleton, the event’s Secretary General. Thuptim talked about how excited and happy she was that so many people were present at the MinasMUN event. Afterwards, she briefly introduced herself and related her background story with the quote of the conference: “Pull a thread here and you’ll find it’s attached to the rest of the world”. Lastly, she specifically told the delegates the consequences and dangers of using AI and plagirizing.

Chair positions and topics:

Tatiana Chen and Laís Taranto, chairs of the Security Council, explained their role and introduced some of the topics that would be debated in the committee. Following, a video was shown summarizing the issues that will be dealt within their council.

Anabella Delgado and Vitor Szuster, chairs of the Human Rights Council, talked about the role of this committee and the topics they will address. 

Next, came Giovana Muzzi and Lucrezia Rima, the Special Committee chairs, to introduce their topics and were followed by a video illustrating these very themes.

Lastly, Luiza Ribeiro and Larissa Ragonesi, Head Press Directos for the Press Committee introduced the news sources that will cover the event and specified that these pieces will be available in the MinasMun website. Then, Luiza Ribeiro, now speaking as the Daily Hawk's Editor-in-Chief, said that the EABH’s newspaper will also have journalists reporting on the conference.

Quote and Videos:

In the beginning of the opening ceremony, the first thing they introduced was the following quote,  “Pull a thread and find out it’s attached to the rest of the world.” This means that the world is globalized and interconnected.

Sponsored special NGO:

Last but not least, to end the opening ceremony, Isabela Camargos introduced Comida que Abraça, an NGO that MinasMun will be raising money for through “chair dares” and love letters.

Finally, Thuptim Appleton declared that the MinasMun conference is officially open! 

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