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  • Thuptim Appleton and Luisa Rodarte

Opening Ceremony - The Hawks Return to the 2023-24 First Season of ISSL

The ISSL Season I is finally here, and the opening ceremony happened today (09/27) to officially commence the tournaments. EABH, PASB, PASPOA, OLM, Nations, Saint Paul's, and the British Schools were present at the gym to kickstart what will undoubtedly be an exciting season.

The event started with the NR team acknowledging all of the athletic directors and coaches present, and the schools competing for the loudest cheer, which we unfortunately did not win.

To celebrate the previous ISSL season, a video was then shown highlighting each school's past best moments. Heavy rock music accompanied the footage, and each team cheered when they saw a moment their school was proud of. EABH was heavily featured in this video, and one of our very own Hawks was highlighted in the last clip shown.

After that, three anthems were played to honor the schools’ nationalities, during which the crowd went silent. While everyone was paying attention to the hymns, St. Paul's quietly arrived more than one hour late causing a stir. All the soccer and basketball captains were required to meet with coaches and referees after the anthem section ended; the gym became loud again as each team’s athletes celebrated their representatives as they left.

Finally, the ceremony ended as the NR coordinator gave all the essential instructions for the schools and the basic rules of ISSL. The crowd excitedly agreed with everything; after that, they were finally free to meet their friends from past tournaments and rest after the long trip.

The expectations are high for this season of the ISSL, and everyone is willing to give their best to win gold. Tomorrow (09/28), the Daily Hawk will start covering at 8:00 AM with Boys basketball against Nationals, so stay tuned!

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