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Pep Rally: The Hawk's Say Goodbye 

Today, April 2nd, the well-known EABH tradition known as the pep rally marked the beginning of the last ISSL Season of 23-24. Screams of enthusiasm filled the gym on this special day: the staff, cheerleaders, coaches, and students cheered excitedly for our Hawks.

The ceremony started with our amazing Hawkie the Hawk running and opening the ceremony for athletes to come after him. After high-fiving the big crowd of kids, the team's captains gave motivational speeches, which were inspiring and emotional as always. Although the pep rally is a recurring  ceremony that happens similarly every ISSL, this season we had a highlight. Since it is the last tournament of our current seniors, StuCo made an adorable and emotional video with highlights for each senior athlete. Everyone was very emotional, and EABH will surely miss them.

The celebration went on as usual, with the inclusion of an impressive cheerleader presentation, which has become a traditional part of the event. After the big team hug, everyone wished the Hawks good luck and the school will happily root for them during the games. Let's go Hawks!

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